We have a wide range of tubular, construction, precision and conduit products. In addition to the standard lengths, diameters and thicknesses, other lengths, standards and mechanical characteristics are available on request. Structural pipes offer reliability and resistance. They also have several advantages over classic structural profiles or beams. Due to their closed shape, they weigh less, which makes them more resistant to twisting and buckling stresses. They are easy to assemble and can be joined by simple welds. They can also be given a multitude of protective treatments such as galvanising, shot blasting and painting. The pipes can be round, square welded, rectangular welded, oval welded and plain threaded. We also have them with open profiles.




Cold-formed profiles, structural pipes (in hot and cold), pipes for conduits, profiles for carpentry and metal fasteners.


SJ75JOH, S355JOH, S355J2H


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